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Imran Ahmed

iMran came to the UAE in 1976 in his early teens from Bangladesh. His interest in photography began to take a serious turn in early 2009 when he took to taking photos of life on the Creek, the historic open harbor area in Deira, Dubai. A neighborhood that he knew too well as a result of living in the waterfront for almost a decade. Eighteen months later this led to a book titled Dubai Creek depicting the nightlife on one of the busiest part of this fourteen kilometer water inlet that once upon a time was the city's economic lifeline. This book project kick started a series of photo essays that are exhibited on this site.

The series titled Sandlords was published in the second edition of the Indian Quarterly magazine and was part of a Middle East photographers slideshow ensemble at the Chobi Mela VII, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in early 2013. The series has won iMran a place in the upcoming photo book project titled The Other Hundred, a project dedicated to telling the stories of the ordinary people who are not likely to make the Forbes or other popular rich list. In May, another series titled Heros was featured in the tenth edition of Gulf Photo Plus slide festival, held at the Knowledge Village. In 2014, iMran had a winning entry in the Other Hundred Entrepreneurs, a global book project by Global Institute For Tomorrow that serves as a counterpoint to popular perception of success by featuring stories from around the World of ordinary people who took control of their economic destiny. In 2015, a collection of iMran's travel and street photography was featured in Foto Arica in Chile. In 2016, the third edition of the Other Hundred book project, titled Educators will be featuring his photo essay.

iMran enjoys nothing more than strolling the streets of older parts of Dubai and rarely misses an opportunity to make a portrait of a perfect stranger.